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The Benefits Store Proudly Offers the Following Vision Plans


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The benefits of an annual eye examination include:

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Spectera Vision

Preferred Provider Insurance program with ability to select any provider.

Vision Plan of America

Network provider program with savings of 20% - 40% to members.

After just 4 days The Benefits Store staff accomplished more than other "industry related" staff were able to do after 30 days! Plus the staff is sincere and easy to work with!

Jennifer Duncan

San Diego, CA

You guys are really great. I just stood up on the bleachers at my sons' baseball game and announced your praises!

Beth Goodman

Santa Barbara, CA

Since I first began working with your agency he has always found solutions, not just answers, to his insurance issues and that's worth a lot!

Jeff Brooks

San Diego, CA

The Benefits Store Vision Plans


Who Can Enroll?

Your vision is important to your health.


  • To correct visual deficiencies
  • Improve reading ability and retention
  • Decrease Eye Fatigue brought on by modern life such as hours of reading on your phone or computer
  • Early detection of a variety of health issues including: Glaucoma, Cataracts, Arterial Sclerosis, Diabetes, etc.  

Whether it’s 20/20 or less than perfect vision, everyone needs to receive regular vision care.

Vision Care Plan options are being offered as a part of our commitment to your well-being. Vision Care Plan options provide affordable, quality vision care, nationwide.